The Best Alternative Slaw Recipes

Are you tired of sticking to dense store bought coleslaw with your picnics and BBQs this summer? Well it’s your lucky day as we have compiled a list of recipe that don’t solely rely on cabbage to add a bit of spice to your mealtimes. Besides who wants to boil their food when they can have a vibrant and flavorful dish that has as much texture as colour.

Here are our top alternative slaw recipes that are not only simple but will have all your BBQ guests impressed at your creativity.

Apple And Bacon
Okay so our first suggestion can have a bit of red cabbage in it if that suits you! But the main flavour comes from one or two sliced apples, half a cup of chopped walnuts and crisp chopped bacon. Simply add a spoonful of a good Dijon mustard, some chopped shallots and as much pepper as you like. The oil from the bacon and the mustard will mix to form a delicious and light dressing that is a cool twist on the classic slaw recipe.

Shrimp And Mushrooms
Start by frying some ginger and garlic and then adding Napa cabbage, then throw in some good quality sliced mushrooms and cook until they are softened and slightly brown. Then throw in the shrimp until cooked and add some soy sauce for a quick and tasty alternative to the usual coleslaw.

Ground Pork And Peanut
Begin this recipe by browning ground pork in a frying pan; add garlic and ginger for flavour and then cabbage until cooked. Once everything is slightly browned, add a handful or peanuts and cook until they are lightly toasted. Just as you would with the shrimp and mushroom slaw, add a tablespoon of soy sauce to taste and hey presto! You have a meatier alternative.

Egg And Tomato
This recipe uses slightly scrambled eggs that are cooked until they are firm, combine them with chopped tomatoes and toss them gently together. Combine all this with cooked cabbage and you have more of a British influenced take on coleslaw.

Sausage And Beer
Here’s one for the manlier barbeque occasion! The sausage and beer mix requires you to sauté chunks of sausage and onion, then add the red cabbage and cook until it begins to wilt. Here’s the fun part, then add a cup of two of beer and either some red-wine or cider vinegar. Simmer the mixture until the sauce thickens and the cabbage is tender, you’ll have a simple but delicious (if not boozy) take on coleslaw.

Beans And Ham
If you prefer your sides with a bit more bite then you might like the sound of the beans and ham slaw. Begin by browning chopped ham and onions, add chicken stock and white beans then bring to the boil. Once the mixture is boiling, add green cabbage to the mixture and some seasoning and herbs, the recipe is ready once the cabbage is tender. You can garnish this fancy slaw with some Parmesan and olive oil to finish off the treat.